Spring 2018 ! Re-call practice club!


New! Flex-schedule! April 1 until May 14th Join us anytime, Sundays and/or Monday, 8 am til dark!  You can train privately, in groups (at 5pm), and independently! $150 gives you 12 days and unlimited visits on those days. Our focus this session is  building a much stronger “come when called” behavior. As a training community, we practice helping each dog learn to respond to their handler, and ignore the distractions.   We begin with hand targets, and if you already do hand-targeting, you will see that get stronger! Over the course of 6 weeks,  we train around many types of distractions.  Does your dog respond to your requests to “Please don’t go visit that dog?”  Together, we will help each other make it happen! This is a flex group, you can come to one or all of our 5 pm meetings, but for best results, come to every session, build social skills and a more reliable recall without missing any steps! We’re set up with separate training areas for nervous and reactive dogs, but if you want to train privately, take advantage of our special spring deal! It’s a steal! Private sessions are short and focused, with unlimited romping time afterwards.

When you register, fill out our behavior survey carefully, and Jenny will contact you to customize your experience and ensure our sessions are fun and safe for every team.  Grow your training skills, and avoid training ruts and plateaus, no matter the age or stage of your puppy/dog. Dogs, like people, are lifelong learners!

Interested? Message Jenny Ruth Yasi with the form below, or contact her via facebook.



Join us for a Tea Time date with your dog!  Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 til 5pm during February and March!  This living room class may give you ideas on how to use your own home environment to shape the behavior of your  dog(s)!  In a small group, four dogs or less, join in the behavior science conversation while your dog enjoys easy (supported) success in polite social behavior!  We provide tea for the humans and treats for the dogs and you can strengthen “settle in place,” “name games” “hand target” or “polite stairs and door behaviors,” in each session you attend.  We use clicker training, and alternate quiet indoor behavior with safe off leash solo play breaks in one of our several  fenced in yards.   $20 per session. Reservation and evidence of up to date veterinary care required.

Got dog? Join our club!   $250 covers initial dog/handler training evaluation,  custom training plan, and free attendence at Spring Recaller’s sessions1311021C-8A5E-40B7-9549-171F6BA4E364. Reserve your place by messaging us with the form below.