Summer 2017 Drop Ins

New! Introduction to agility! Teach your dog how to play agility! This is an introduction to all the obstacles. Wednesday evenings at 5pm, and Saturday mornings, 8 am. Free for summer members, it’s $100 for a 4 session dip ticket. Separately fenced training yards makes it possible for you to help your dog learn at a safe distance from other dogs. Dip tickets can be used towards any of our classes. To register and purchase a dip ticket, go to the menu and “join our club” link. Scroll past (or better yet, stop and read!) information about our levels based training program, and at the bottom you will find a registration/contact form.

July 1, August 1, September 1 2017

Everything you always wanted to know about training gear but were afraid to ask! Free for members, this seminar is open to the public. Come to 9-11am morning, 2-4 pmafternoon or both or all sessions, $20 per session. We will have all sorts of training gear on hand, from a variety of types of collars and harness, crates, muzzles, to boots, calming caps and wraps and more. Bring your questions, but leave your dog at home. Members may bring a dog to work as demo dog with permission of the instructor. For more information or to register, please fill out the registration form by opening the menu and clicking on the “join our club” link. You’ll see more info on our levels program. Scroll to the bottom of that page and fill out the contact form.

Free Fridays!

12-3 pm for purple level “Good ole dogs!”Got a sweet old dog? Come, take her on a stroll in our safely fenced gardens and fields. Have a picnic. Walk (or run!) barefoot in the soft mowed fields. Try a few of our training stations. Socialize safely, by making use of separately fenced training yards, and getting to know other dogs from a distance.

3-5pm for puppies under 20 weeks or 20 lbs Free! If you have permission/health document from your veterinarian, come play.

Wacky Wednesdays! 5-7 pm  Barefoot field games! Want to learn how dogs learn, while also developing stronger feet? Play at your own pace, which is exactly how we train our dogs too! FREE! Members can bring their dogs for a separate levels play group, while humans-only play group romps for good health in the springy mowed field.