Got dog? Join our club


Welcome to the summer club! Just want to check us out? Bring your  veterinary record, fill out our intake form showing your dog is up-to-date on vaccines and using heartworm/flea&tick treatments and (when available) a $25 pass allows you and your dog to enjoy a romp in our structured dog park. Fridays are “good ole dog” day. Sweet senior dogs sniff around (with their handlers) for free! Just visiting? Bring your veterinary records with you! Fill out the form below and reserve a (picnic?) no pressure fun date with your dog!  Serious about growing your dog training skills? Membership allows you and your dog to grow at your own pace through our levels based program.  Demonstrations open to the public on Thursday evenings, 6pm July and August(weather dependent). Leave your own dogs at home if you come to see the training demonstration or performance.

Our Color Coded Training Levels

Discounts: Member Dogs earn boarding, daycare and training fee discounts: Green -10%   Blue -20%,   Purple/black -25%.

Orange dogs are typically newbies to training, and may need their space. Provide 6 feet of space around orange dogs and handlers. Newbies are on-leash except under instructor supervision.

Green dogs respond to “name,” “hand,” “sit,” “off,”  and “down” around moderate distractions, and they may play and train off-leash during dog park hours and on-leash around other dogs and people. Green dogs can use areas marked for enjoying green dog privileges. Green dogs are able to rest calmly in an open or closed crate while the handler is nearby. Handlers’ understand safe ways of handling their dog. Green dogs will “drop” something when asked. Green dogs walk nicely on a leash (often, with a head halter). A green dog is strongly conditioned to a reward marker signal (RMS).

Navy Dogs In addition to passing Green level response to cues, Navy level handlers have taught their dogs to target, tug, drop it, find it, retrieve, deliver, and alert. Handlers are proficient in training five basic agility obstacles (a-frame, jump, table, boardwalk, and chute), shadow handling, and may independently train on camp agility equipment or in our training fields.  Navy bandana dogs can walk nicely on a flat collar, and handlers are proficient in handling them. Navy dogs are conditioned to a Reward Marker and a No-Reward Marker, as well as a release cue. Navy dogs receive a 20% discount on all Whole Dog Camp services, classes and seminars.

IN ADDITION TO PASSING LOWER LEVELS, black dogs have entered a clearly defined “career,” and can remain down around moving distractions, recall through moderate distractions, settle, wait alone quietly for 3 minutes, crate quietly for ten minutes, respond to 10 cues from a distance of 50 feet. These dogs are mentally healthy, happy and eager to learn with no severe behavior problems, they are conditioned to understand and use all four of the basic signals (RM, NRM, KGS, release cue)  and as such they have full Whole Dog Camp privileges and 25% discounts for boarding, daycare, classes and seminars. Trainers achieving “black” status dogs may earn additional Camp credits and privileges by volunteering as training assistants.

Purple Dogs: Got a sweet old dog who really has no problems (and no big ambitions) beyond the need for a soft place to sleep in the sun? Sweet old dogs get a 25% discount at Whole Dog Camp. Dogs must be 9 years or older, and have approval of our head trainer to qualify.

Red dogs may have potentially dangerous behavior problems. Dogs that are evaluated as “red” level dogs must enter our muzzle training program, wear a wire basket muzzle, and remain leashed and under an individualized training program. Please speak with Jenny for details.
 We aspire to create a healthy and inclusive training environment where diverse trainers are supported in growing and sharing their experiences with each other.

Whole Dog Camp  Summer 2017 dog club membership $250 includes  2 private and 2 group classes, training level evaluation, customized training plan, and opportunity to train independently during open training hours. Continue on  your training journey for only $100 per month ($500 for complete summer program until November).  Attend summer and fall classes, training independently on your own schedule, and play your way through our regularly changing training stations and activities.  Earn Whole Dog Camp prizes, privileges and discounts as you demonstrate achievements on your training plan in community with fellow trainers.  Grow into the best animal trainer you can be and give your dog a chance to shine.

Got puppy? Puppies 20 weeks or 20 lbs and under play for free (with owner) by appointment Mondays 5 to 6 pm.  For more information and to schedule a visit, please fill out contact form below. Good ole dogs play for free by appointment on Fridays. Message us to plan your playtime!